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WhatsApp Marketing Solutions

List of Web based WhatsApp Marketing Panel for Advertising & Promotions

Recently, there has been a lot of marketers who talk to me usually during meetings in events & conferences, or on multiple business & marketing communities that I am part of online about WhatsApp my take on several WhatsApp marketing solutions that are available for running WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

And specially, several questions similar to:

Which is the best WhatsApp marketing panel to run our agency campaigns for brands & companies?

Which is the best WhatsApp marketing solution to run client campaigns?

Which is the best WhatsApp marketing tool that can help us run high volume campaigns?

Can you tell us about any desktop or web based script that can operate multiple WhatsApp campaign all in one go?

How do I get started with WhatsApp marketing from scratch?

And on..and on..

Well, if you would have asked my last year, the answer would had been different. If you ask me today, my answer is different, and may be next year, my answer will vary too.

That’s because due to so many changes that are taking rapidly into WhatsApp marketing space, and since I have experimented with almost majority of WhatsApp marketing tools, scripts, software, web based panels, and even WhatsApp marketing services, companies and vendors. I can say, from time to time some products, services and solutions get an edge, majorly because either the developer or team behind it are proactive in keeping their solution latest, and adaptable with recent changes made by WhatsApp.

So, for this year. Here’s my top list of WhatsApp Marketing Panel that are available for small business, to bigger agencies, to companies who want to run high level, large volume & mass campaigns:

1.WhatsApp Campaign’s Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Service

This company is providing WhatsApp Marketing as a service, they offer credits which you can redeem for running WhatsApp marketing campaigns. The minimum single campaign that you need to run need to have at least 3000 WhatsApp active numbers in order to initiate single campaign. So, make sure that you have ample of people in your list when you want to use their service. This kinds of campaigns are good for people who want to run their own campaign. But, the most exciting part I found is that they also have very lucrative reseller pricing which can be used by agencies, and marketing companies who have multiple clients and they are looking to add WhatsApp marketing service into their service portfolio for running advertising & promotional campaigns for their own set of clients. And since, the their web based WhatsApp panel is completely white-label. So, you can use their panel under your own brand and your clients will never know your backend operations & whose operating your campaigns behind.

2. WA Bulk Panel’s Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Panel

This is a self hosted WhatsApp Marketing Script which can be operated on your own web hosted server. You can run your own WhatsApp campaigns using WhatsApp Channels which can be imported in bulk to have an army of WhatsApp numbers which can run your marketing campaigns using your own WhatsApp numbers that send out the messages. You can send text, image, video, PDF, and multiple format campaigns using this WhatsApp Web Panel. And this can give you the freedom to customize the script with your own brand name, and also give you admin options with full control to have a system in place where you are in complete control. The unique thing about this script from rest of the web based WhatsApp marketing script available out their is that this script creates an artificially intelligent P2P channel network, in short. It allows you to operate your channel with their behaviour automatically controlled by the script. This means, all the WhatsApp channels will be active all the time, and having one to one communication with each peer channels created automatically by this script. This completely eradicates the chance of getting your WhatsApp channels blocked in near future, and also maintains high delivery, with proper stable system for your WhatsApp marketing system.

3. WA Panel’s Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Script

This script is similar to WA Bulk Panel, I know the names are very similar for both the tools. But, both the panel work completely different. This  WhatsApp marketing panel works with multi-threaded campaigns. That means that you will be able to run campaigns with millions of WhatsApp numbers with super fast speed. Because the campaigns run parallel using multiple WhatsApp channels which are control by adding multiple IP address to run several tasks at the same time using this script. This tool will also have features to import multiple WhatsApp channels in one go, and full admin control. But, I prefer to only use this script if I want to run high scale campaigns. I have seen many major social media agencies, multiple marketing companies, and bigger brands using this kind of script to run high volume campaigns. Recently, I was talking to the marketing team of a well known payment gateway provider who scaled high volume growth for gaining more clients using this script.

4. WhatsApp Bulk Sender – Desktop based WhatsApp Marketing Software 

This desktop solution is no. 1 WhatsApp marketing software which has majority of the feature you will look for in a desktop tool you will require in a single WhatsApp marketing solution. Ranging from bulk channel management, changing status, profile picture and changing WhatsApp name of your WhatsApp channels,  WhatsApp filtration tool, to finding users based on their last seen activity on WhatsApp (which in exchange gives you laser targeted WhatsApp active numbers), to one to one chat communication directly inside the software, to  getting complete delivery report & campaign history. This tool covers all the functionalities in one single piece of software.

This is an ideal solution for any small marketer who doesn’t want to run high volume campaigns like big companies. And also, they have a simpler version which released known as WhatsApp Bulk Sender Web Edition that can operate campaigns directly using your own WhatsApp numbers with http://web.whatsapp.com interface. You can send anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 messages daily depending on the number of channels imported into this software.

5. Blaster Bulk Sender – WhatsApp Marketing Tool

This is again a desktop based software that can be operated on any Windows PC. It doesn’t give you much control like WhatsApp Bulk Sender but then. You are able to send more formats like PDF, CSV, and other formats that new version of WhatsApp allows you to share. And of course, keeping the basic formats like text, image, audio, video, and even GPS location & VCF files that can be sent as a message on WhatsApp using this tool. It’s really fast in running campaigns, and you can import bulk WhatsApp channels into the tool to run your WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

Again, if you don’t have much volumes. And want to run weekly campaigns for your target market. This tool is one I recommend to marketers.

Final Overview

There are several solutions now available for WhatsApp. And especially after WhatsApp Business app is now officially announced, and many bigger brands such as MakeMyTrip.com, BookMyShow.com, GoiBibo.com, JustDial.com have started adopting WhatsApp as a primary channel to communicate with their user base. Many seasoned marketers, small businesses ranging from restaurants, to salons, to lead generation companies, website design & online marketing firms have started adopting WhatsApp as an engagement & communication tool into their marketing channels.

Since, majority of the people aren’t much aware about how to get started with WhatsApp marketing. They dabble into using WhatsApp marketing companies which lack data privacy, control, and security over their WhatsApp marketing campaigns. That’s why I recommend whether you are a small business owner, or a big brand like the one I mentioned above, or may be a marketing agency or direct response company looking to get bigger results & conversions for your clients. WhatsApp is yet, one of the most powerful mobile marketing invention that is going to be talked about in 2018.

Depending on your requirement, you can choose from several solutions I mentioned above. And also have a look into other similar list of WhatsApp marketing solutions which I highlighted in my previous articles. The requirement for each individual might be different but the main cornerstone strategy is to be able to run successful mobile marketing campaigns that directly reach your target market right within their cell phones. And incase, you ain’t looking to get into the hassle of operating your own WhatsApp marketing campaigns, and will be fine blasting messages using a 3rd party service, then have a look into this list of WhatsApp marketing service providers which I compiled earlier with a detailed review.

It’s time to get ahead of your competitors, and get on the band wagon before your competitors start capturing your audience on WhatsApp!

Feel free to share your comments, and let me know of any other tools or service you have used and found useful.

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WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

How To Use WhatsApp for Business Marketing Campaigns

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Most of the businesses these days are aware about SEO, Social Media, PPC & other means of marketing online. Many also tried SMS Marketing to market their business and used it as a very powerful medium to grow their business, generate more revenue and build more profits.

But, I am sure you might not have heard about people leveraging WhatsApp Marketing? Have you?

Yes, WhatsApp marketing is going to be one of the most emerging marketing tool in the coming age. We can boast about making this claim and we know that once we make you understand how powerful this medium is if utilized in a strategic way, you will also agree.

But, how do you use WhatsApp Marketing to market your products & services? I am sure if you start thinking about the ideas of how you can leverage WhatsApp marketing for business then many things will come to your mind. Being part of one of leading edge companies who have successfully provided WhatsApp Marketing Tools, WhatsApp Marketing Software, WhatsApp Marketing Solutions and WhatsApp Marketing Services to our clients across the world. We have developed strategic marketing strategy for WhatsApp. We have helped our clients improve conversions, improve effectiveness, and help make more profits at the same time create better relationships with their prospects & clients.

We have seen so many different industries, different businesses, and different types of marketing campaigns being run & become successful. We have gained perspectives which help us understand our clients better and serve them even more.

According to us their are three ways you can market any business:

1. Increase the no. of new clients enter your business

2. Retain & increase the transaction size of your clients & customers.

3. Increase of frequency of transactions & make them do transactions more frequently.

On top of that, in addition:

4. Develop a referral system for your business. Where people start referring your products & services and more about your company to other people.

If your business functions in such a way where you are strategically able to apply all the four ways of marketing your business. We believe you can exceed your revenue, make more contribution, serve more people and at the same time enjoy the freedom & power of a thriving & growing business.

We have dealt with so many different clients from different industries such as:

  • Database Management & Marketing companies selling WhatsApp, Email, SMS & other services.
  • Online marketing companies selling Website Design, SEO, Social Media, Search Marketing and Reputation Management services
  • Restaurants, Bars & Nightclubs promoting their food, music, events, artists, and special offers
  • Salon & Spas increase business on off days and getting rapid growth in client base because of WhatsApp marketing messages
  • Professionals like doctors generating patients leads, real estate brokers, agency, and firms generating buyers leads, lawyers & attorneys getting clients for their practice & other legal services.
  • Mom & Pop shops building more better and personalized relationships with their previous buyers
  • MLM Marketing companies growing their networking business
  • Investment companies finding hot prospects for their investment plans
  • and many many more…

When we think about several implications that you can have using WhatsApp as a marketing tool & a powerful medium. Our mind starts boggling. There are so many ways you can help build better relationship, provide value, and at the same time get more referrals if you utilize WhatsApp as direct marketing to your data of qualified prospects & clients.

Now, you must be wondering…

How To Do Marketing With WhatsApp? Or How To Do Marketing Using WhatsApp?

Well, you can start by using our WhatsApp Marketing Products & Services which are perfect fit depending on the scale of marketing requirements you wish to have.

We have different solutions available for different types of businesses.

For example, if you don’t have a massive amount of database that you want to market your products & services. Then, you can go for our WhatsApp Marketing Service Plans where we provide you with WhatsApp Message Credits which you can utilize for sending text, images, videos messages on WhatsApp. We also have reseller plans of our WhatsApp Marketing Plans which you can use to start selling WhatsApp Marketing Service around your area.

If you do have a huge database to market to. And you want to have a self-hosted solution. We can provide you with our WhatsApp Marketing Script which can be hosted on your own server. You can then scale the solution upto any extent according to your requirements.

We also provide a Desktop based WhatsApp Marketing Software with the name WhatsApp Bulk Sender which you can run on your Windows based Desktop PC or Laptop. Through which you can add multiple WhatsApp Channels into the software which allows you to send WhatsApp messages and also has options to filter WhatsApp numbers, check last seen status of WhatsApp users, and also check responses of your messaging in which you reply to each of your prospects with the respect WhatsApp Sender IDs.

Now, which solution is actually best for you depends on your uses & the way you wish to market using WhatsApp.

Do you want to start using WhatsApp for marketing your business? Do you want to kickstart your WhatsApp marketing plan? Are you looking for WhatsApp Marketing Platform? Or Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Service? Or Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software?

Click here to attend masterclass

Let our team help you out to take the best suited decision. You can comment below or fill out the form here.

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