WhatsApp Marketing Plans for Elections & Political Campaigns

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If you are campaigning for a political party in 2015 then WhatsApp is one of the most powerful medium to get your message out to all your potential voters. Being a political candidate you should start using WhatsApp Marketing Software today to start campaigning for your political party.

Our company have been successfully running WhatsApp marketing campaigns for political parties & other election bodies since more then a year now. And we are here to help you take the right decision and helping you scale your campaigns for running election WhatsApp campaign.

There are different ways you can use WhatsApp Marketing. Some of them are:

  1. Start using some WhatsApp Marketing Company which takes the data and message type from you so that you can start sending messages using their WhatsApp marketing services & solutions. This way you can send out text campaigns, image campaigns & video campaigns along with ability to send vCard files where your prospective & interested voters can give you a call & showcase campaign interest & support.
  2. Start using WhatsApp Marketing Software which allows you to run your own WhatsApp Campaign for your elections and helps you send thousands of messages in different formats such as text, audio, video, image & vCard messages after adding WhatsApp Channels also known as WhatsApp registered numbers or Senders. The only limitation is you have to buy WhatsApp Channels in bulk so that you can start using these WhatsApp registered number in this software to send WhatsApp messages.Advantage to using a WhatsApp Marketing Software is that you have full control over your messaging. You can start & stop your campaigns anytime. You can filter your database and find out how many users are active users and only send messages on those numbers. You can even send future dated messages so that your message always stays on top of WhatsApp chat conversations on the WhatsApp users phone. Unlike, WhatsApp marketing companies who charge you cheaply for WhatsApp marketing messages and then do lead shedding to maximum their profits. Using your own software make your campaigns secure & protected with trust that you are sending your messages 100%.
  3. Start using WhatsApp Marketing Web-Based Panels – WhatsApp Panels are similar to WhatsApp Marketing Software which are available to run via web servers. You will have a self-hosted script and again have to add WhatsApp numbers into the system in order to run your campaigns. WhatsApp Panel are more scalable since its web based. But, more risky because you don’t have much control over your WhatsApp numbers getting blocked.

We have been pioneer in helping election candidates & their marketing team to help them scale their WhatsApp marketing campaigns. If you wish to reach us out to help you add another dimension into your marketing campaigns. Feel free to reach us on Skype @ bulkwhatsappsender

You can alternatively, call us at +16464480344 (USA) or +442031295601 (UK)

Our team of experts will guide you better in terms of the scalibility you wish to touch and give you honest advice & WhatsApp solutions to succeed in running a effective WhatsApp Marketing Election campaign.

We can provide you with software, tools, services, customized WhatsApp marketing plans, templates, marketing copy, swipe files which have worked in the past, complete A to Z training and much more.
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