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Everyone these days who lands up on our website are excited about using WhatsApp as a marketing tool which is one of the most discussed topic of many marketers in today’s times. WhatsApp when coming to think of it is a very simple communication tool. This mobile app was designed to connect the world and was never thought out to be used in commercial ways. But, recently WhatsApp has gained as a very powerful medium & has been commercially accepted among different businesses after the recent acquisition by Facebook for freaking $19 billion. When world’s most powerful social network had turned their eyes towards this simple mobile messaging app, we can expect that WhatsApp will have its commercial uses for businesses in the coming future.

Many small & large brands have started investigating, researching, exploring the different possibilities of utilizing WhatsApp in their brand communications, marketing and engagement tool. There are so many different uses of WhatsApp which makes it a very advantageous marketing platform for those who wish to leverage WhatsApp to grow, reach out, and engage their target set of prospects, customers & clients.

WhatsApp has different types of advantage as a marketer for you. And we have tried listing few of them here so that you can understand how much of a valuable tool WhatsApp can be for your business in terms of branding, promotions, and marketing.

We also wanted you to go beyond being myopic about your WhatsApp Marketing Strategy. And make you think, brainstorm, and execute the perfect mix of marketing campaigns which allows you to grow your business and make a difference.

It’s quicker

As the title says, WhatsApp is a powerful instant messaging app which involves less to no efforts to get your message out to your target audience. Imagine how many times you tried that Email Marketing strategy or the social media strategy or some other ways of marketing your business? With WhatsApp you can directly start interacting with your target customers using this simple mobile app which is already installed in their cell phones. We know that gone are those days when people use to wear watches in majority. But, times have changed and everyone atleast have one cell phone that they can’t live without. And they are online on their cell phones. You as a marketer can reach out instantly. Getting their attention with your marketing messages using WhatsApp. You can instantly feel them with your marketing messages which allows them to revert back to you more often.

If you have been thinking that text messaging is dead. Then, let us tell you one thing. Text messaging is NOT dead. SMS messaging surely has been dead. Either we adapt where our customers & prospects are. Or we let our competitors do it.

Similar to social media websites where you can produce engaging content and use text, images, audio & video content. WhastApp also allows you to engage with your audience using text messaging, images, videos and even ability to share vCard & GPS Locations. And this tool cannot be ignored if you call yourself a smart marketer.

And unlike Social Networking sites, efforts for creating content on WhatsApp is much more easy, less expensive and gives you the guarantee that the users who get your message on WhatsApp will atleast read once, and further engage.

Recently one of our clients who work as a marketing agency used WhatsApp marketing campaign to build buzz & engage the brand for one of their major client. It’s Absolut Vodka, which is one of the most famous brands of Vodka liquor in the world. Absolut Vodka used WhatsApp simple chat feature to promote its campaign. The campaign was designed conceptual targeting the youth audience. Everyone who got showcased with the marketing messages were invited to a party which helped Absolut Vodka help reach out to more then 4 million uniquely designed bottles. The engagement was so overwhelming and viral that users started sharing & help distribute rich content with images, audio and lots of videos.

Here’s the video to the case study:

Costs you almost nothing

WhatsApp for one year of uses is free, after that user pays 1$ per year to continue using WhatsApp. And WhatsApp costs you nothing in comparison with other mediums such as Facebook, Google Adwords, and other ways of buying media online or on mobile. 

Your marketing efforts get instant boosts with customer talking about your brand using engaging marketing strategies. Now a days SMS are becoming expensive, and that’s one of the major reasons why wider range of audiences have started shifting to WhatsApp for communicating with their friends, relatives & family. Of course, it has given a blow to most of the mobile operators. WhatsApp marketing has proven to be a boon for companies, brands and small businesses who wish to reduce there marketing costs at every step & adopt to frugal practices in order to get their customers attention. In order for you to start marketing using WhatsApp, all you require is a WhatsApp marketing service provider like us and a person in your team who can exclusively manage your marketing campaign and respond to the messages which you generate as a reply to be responded promptly and immediately.

To give you an example of that, one Israeli Chocolate brand named Klik used similar strategy on WhatsApp to do just that:

Customer relationship

There has been a sudden shift in the consumer eco-system. From power within the producers to the now powerful consumers. With rapid growth of social media, your customers are habituated to voice their concern about your brand more easily. They are now their on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and so many other websites through which they can communicate about your brand on a massive way. And similarly, WhatsApp is another tool available to them in their arsenal. As a strategic marketer, you should be where your consumers hangout. And cell phones empower easy access to all your available prospects & clients.

In order for you to communicate with them. All you require is a their phone numbers saved in your mobile phone and you can start communicating using WhatsApp with them. Communication can happen instantly and it’s not time bound, you can access them 24 x 7 right there from your cell phone. It’s like giving a call & saying Hi, how are you doing?

In order to give you a perfect example. Recently, in Kazakhstan a rumour was spread about nation’s top 3 banks almost on a verge of getting to bankruptcy. And since, all these banks were tensed about their clients going and withdrawing money. WhatsApp was major tool that they used to communicate with their clients and inform them that everything is fine. That’s how much powerful WhatsApp was in terms of spreading their message across at the most crucial times.

Brand Positioning

With the advent of internet and mobile phones. Communication has become personal, and being an aware brand its required for you to be able to understand what your customers want from you. Only then will you be able to position your marketing efforts & communications based around that. Each customer of yours will be delighted when they see that they are informed timely and have a real person who answers their queries in real time using WhatsApp. As a brand it becomes your fiduciary responsibility to show your prospects & customers that you appreciate and actually care about them.

Recently, Homeshop 18 utilized WhatsApp to instigate a different impression against their prospect as a leading TV Shopping Network brand in India. They created a short video which was funny, interactive and talked honestly with their prospects & customers. The campaign was titled, “Shopping Makes Me Happy” and positioned them brilliantly not only just as a television shopping network but also helping them get incoming calls, and increase traffic & sales on their website. They completely went out of the box and introduced two cats as the main characters named Billy & Sunny, the father & son duo which was talking as the brand’s voice.

Marketing communications through Whatsapp

People who realize how easy and interactive it can be to make use of WhatsApp marketing. Realize that there are several best ways to showcase a product’s image, or a video explaining your products & services features, send out discount coupons and promotional offers to increase sales, and help best utilize the festive seasons with exclusive deals. WhatsApp can be utilized to collect customer’s feedback & also to reduce any loss of customers due to bad management or other issues in your business. You can have personalized interaction, conduct research surveys, create WhatsApp groups which is focused around your brand which discusses conversations around your business and much more.

Recently, a FM Channel based in India started engaging with their listeners on Whatsapp. They asked their listeners to record the audio message on WhatsApp and send it across to their WhatsApp number. People could sing the song in one line. And request a song using WhatsApp. They named this campaign as “RedFM ka WhatsApp Star” in hindi which means RedFM’s WhatsApp Star in english.

Recently an article got published by Economic Times where they interviewed several store managers & brand managers selling high-end luxury brands such as Cartier, Armani and Diesel in India stating that these brands have started utilizing WhatsApp marketing in order to promote there offers & promotions and the likely hood of consumers buying their products increases by 80% if they are active on WhatsApp.

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Do you still need more reasons for not using WhatsApp as a major tool at your disposal for marketing?

Anyhow, there are some do’s & don’t of WhatsApp Marketing


1. You should start sharing your WhatsApp contact details on various website including your official website & other social media platforms. You can even integrate WhatsApp share buttons on WordPress websites using a simple plugin.
2. You should store phone numbers of your consumers & clients and let them know that you will reach them back using WhatsApp for future announcements and other updates when you have established a relationship even though it is not made mandatory.
3. Even though WhatsApp is one of the informal way of communicating with your prospects & clients. But, its always best to keep a decorum when you communicate with your consumers & customers.
4. You should reply immediately to queries generated on WhatsApp. Communicating instantly & promptly showcases customer support. And it’s essential for any business to respond to their customers & prospects in least time. You never know you might do business with simply communicating with them in timely manner.
5. Use Images & Videos to make your marketing content more engaging. We have seen ourself that visual content has higher chances of receiving reply from prospects.
6.  Include interactive, funny, engaging elements in your message. May be a joke or a meme. This helps make your messages go viral.
7. Of course it’s not possible to be there 24 x7 sometimes to be available for your customers. But, it helps when you communicate the same to your customers about specific operational hours and days of your business.
8. Be selective about who you take as an prospect. Don’t market to people who have got nothing to do with the type of business you run.
9. You can post your product or service offer on Facebook and engage with replies on WhatsApp. This way of integrating Facebook with WhatsApp is a nice way to target communications with your audience.


1. Do not send unsolicited messages to unknown numbers. Simply don’t. It’s ok if you send out messages to ideal prospects which are specific and well-targeted. But, not just random numbers. Because if you send messages which are totally irrelevant then you might end up getting your WhatsApp number blocked.
2. Watch your frequency of sending WhatsApp messages. Sometimes sending too many messages doesn’t help build your brand image. Instead, its treated as SPAM and it’s more like Anti-marketing rather then engaging marketing.
3. Focus on providing excellent support. Don’t ignore the feedback your customers provide or queries they have with your business. If you do that, then your customers may lose interest. In exchange, that’s business go bad. And hope you don’t want that, right?
4. Keep your profile on WhatsApp active. Change Display Picture often. Change status often. Because if you don’t then customers may think that you are not keen in promoting your brand or business.
5. Never ever. We mean never ever create a group on WhatsApp with unknown people in it. It should have something in common. May be a locality or an interest or anything. But, making someone join a group where they are unknown fires up bad conversations within these common set of people.

So, if you have read this whole article by now. You must get some ideas & avoid hassles while using WhatsApp marketing as a tool to market, promote, and launch your business. We still believe and we know that text marketing is NOT dead. Instead, its touching another dynamics entirely. Even though WhatsApp doesn’t come under the norms of permission marketing like that of SMS or Email but we believe until then anyone having a phone number & a cell phone can start utilizing the power and start doing WhatsApp Marketing. But, we like to guide our clients to use WhatsApp marketing as an integral part of create campaign in terms of their business promotions. Even if you ignore it now, or still fear using WhatsApp as a marketing channel. You will realize NOT using WhatsApp marketing is losing business for you. And also taking away the opportunity to not reach out to these vast userbase which is active, engaging and easily influential & engaged with WhatsApp.

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